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It is the main urban green area of the town and one of the favorite parks in the Costa del Sol because of its size and facilities. It has more than 200,000 square meters of green areas where we can find areas of perfectly signposted and marked walk, an artificial lake, two modern playgrounds, trails, animals and catering areas.

It is the meeting point for hundreds of people on the weekends enjoying the green spaces of the park and all its facilities.

There are two different ways to get to the park opened in December 1995, it was good in a plaque on one of the main sources of the park (where the remote control boats are located):

1.-Go on the motorway and take exit 222 was Benalmádena, which is to the right of the same highway, then was going to tap you left passing under the motorway and at the roundabout go downhill to another roundabout known for its gas station. At this roundabout you go left, leaving the petrol station on your right and go without changing lanes to another next large roundabout (after spending right hander rather closed and dangerous, that even changing the material of the road to frenzy in instead of accelerating), and mentioned roundabout continue straight downhill, leaving the sports center of Arroyo de la Miel left. Following this street you come again to another roundabout and go way to the Ice Palace (the famous who closed for more than ten cases of legionella that occurred inside) and another roundabout turn left and you quickly find the park .

2.-On the other hand, the other option is to go by the coast road, leaving the beach on your left until you reach a roundabout known for its mills filled with multi colored wind sculpture, and in this roundabout go did you find the right and up a hill behind the park on the left.
Other ways to locate the park is following the directions close to him and well known places, such as the Castillo de Bil-Bil (where weddings are performed

This park also serves as a stop for the rise or fall in tourist bus Sighseeing City or tourist mini Benalmadena.

The park has many doors or entries to which you can enter the park by any cardinal point.
In each of the gates is written among other things some park rules (like not wearing loose animals, like dogs, do not feed the animals in the park, ....) or opening hours.
Park hours change according to the seasons, being invest 9: 00h to 22: 00h and in summer from 9: 23 to 00h: 00h, due to the greater number of sunlight hours.
Two entries that attract attention are located in the south-east, which has a series of bronze color cusp a 'gothic' style and the eastern entrance is like a lamppost glazed port, which is two typical entries where everyone is doing the photo of rigor.

At the entrance to the south-east corner can take some refreshment on the terrace of the bar called Puerta de Europa, or you also have the option of drinking water in the drinking fountain behind the bar.

* Animals:
You can find wild animals and caged animals.
Among those who have been released include chickens, chicks, roosters, pigeons, sparrows, dwarf rabbits (black, white, brown, ...) ....,, cats. In the lake, between the islands and houses for nesting birds include swans, gulls, ducks, mallards, or galapagos turtles, fish caliber ...
Caged highlight the ibex and the pair of ostriches, in the northern part of the park.

* Flora:
There are a variety of trees, deciduous and evergreen, eucalyptus highlighting, weeping trees, palms, cypresses, palm ....
There are spacious lawns for play and leisure for children and reading, food and conversation older.
In the northeast, to the right of Lake City Library is the area of cactus and desert plants where there are countless types of plants in this classification, and is one of the best known and valued areas around the park.

For pedestrians there are plenty of streets to stroll through the park or even for a light jog or walk and so to practice some sport.
On this tour there every so space expanding it with crescent-shaped trios of benches to rest. At its margins are no lanes or speed bumps for the filter and drain the rain water, well covered by grilles that prevent footsteps and lead can be any accidental fall. It is also noteworthy that every fifteen meters or so there is a paper with which to be used by pedestrians makes cleaning the park is more than acceptable.
In the north of the main lake and larger, you can see a small waterfall on a creek which comes all the water is forming this lake. In this lake, if you look closely, you can see it has lots of floating bird droppings living there, but it seems that they are not affected as I sees them swimming well happy there.

Along the walk you can find several distinct areas, such as the northwest area where trees thin stem that were planted on the tenth anniversary of the park by CEIP students are La Paloma in November 2005 in north central but where are the cages for mountain goats and ostriches, separated roughly by a good resort park swings or even a suspension bridge, which always you'll see children full of jumping, playing and enjoying this.
That proximity there are also slightly higher mounds to lie down to sunbathe or read a book quietly, or source that I mentioned earlier with the possibility of renting a remote control boat. IN these mounds you can see well north of the park highlighting the Sierra de Benalmadena cable car or Calamorro.

In the north there are lots of elements to see, as may well be the municipal library, the lake, the area of the cactus, kiosk for game hunting with a dummy clip ...
In addition, there are also areas called "Pipi-can 'it is for our pets can relieve themselves, and paper suitable for removal of these wastes.

Part of this text has been translated by Google Translate.

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Dirección: Avda. Federico García Lorca s/n
Población: Arroyo de la Miel
C.P.: 29631