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 There is good news for nature lovers, beach enthusiasts and sporting types in general this weekend. The coastal path in Mijas, a natural seafront promenade which is the first of its type to exist in the province of Malaga, is now open.
This path has been created with the use of natural materials so that it integrates into surroundings which are not overcrowded by construction, and it provides people with the opportunity to explore in comfort the coastline of one of the most popular and delightful coastal parts of the municipality of Mijas.

Many local residents and visitors have already tried out the coastal path, which is nearly five kilometres in length and is exclusively for the use of pedestrians and cyclists. This first stretch links La Cala de Mijas with Calahonda, to the west. However, the fact that this part has been inaugurated does not mean that the project is finished, because the area around Finca El Jinete has yet to be built; its development is part of a new initiative under the Plan Qualifica, and the replanting works in the area began just over a week ago.

This walkway is mainly built of wood and it contains no type of artificial lighting whatsoever, to reduce any possible negative consequences to the natural environment through which it passes; once the second phase of the project is completed, it will be an addition to the almost six kilometres that link the area of La Cala de Mijas with the neighbouring municipality of Marbella.
The coastal path, which is expected to become a major tourist attraction, is an original idea by Mijas council; it is costing over two million euros and is funded by the Malaga provincial government and Plan Qualifica.

An example for others

The idea and the experience of Mijas has served as an inspiration to the provincial government for the creation of a major project for a coastal path that will run the whole lengh of Malaga province. This initiative, about which the president of the Diputación, Elías Bendodo, has been expressing his enthusiasm even before the first stone of the project was laid, is the model for a similar coastal path which will be 180 kilometres long and will run through all fourteen municipalities on the Malaga coast.

When asked about the provincial government’s intention to transfer this idea to other municipalities, the mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, said, “As in so many other things, Mijas is a pioneer in matters which are positive for local people. The Diputación has decided to connect our coastal path to all the other towns on the coast of Malaga province”. In his words, the council’s idea “has served as an example and an inspiration for a new project which will be an incentive for people to visit the whole of the province: they will be able to walk or cycle from Mijas to any beach in Malaga.”

With regard to the completion date for the coastal path in the municipality of Mijas, it is expected that between 2015 and 2020 the works will be carried out to the east of the municipality; in other words, from La Cala de Mijas to the boundary with the neighbouring town of Fuengirola.

VIDEO First Coastal path opens in Mijas