Costa del Sol News

Málaga is an ideal destination for night owls. When the sun goes down after a busy day, nightlife in the province is up and alive. A dynamism that does not stop at any time of year thanks to the nice weather of Costa del Sol, impeccable tourist infrastructure and an event-packed calendar.

Málaga Province boasts the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in Andalusia – 8,300 –, planning daily and nightly activities in Málaga. To them we should add concert halls, casinos and hotels that put on cultural activities and entertainment programmes for the evening.

An evening by the sea

The beaches on Costa del Sol make wonderful stages to host all sorts of activities after sunset. By the Mediterranean Sea you can watch films, attend live music performances or engage in a variety of recreational activities. Moreover, coastal Málaga still has the atmosphere of a traditional port that holds festivals centred on the sea, like our Lady of El Carmen’s procession or St John’s Eve.

At the chiringuitos (beach bars) and beach clubs that are open at night, travellers can attend themed parties, dance to the music played by DJs or sip a cocktail against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Fun goes on until dawn in the hotspots that flank the waterfront promenades, or in marinas and major towns in Málaga Province.

From the top clubs in opulent Marbella to the gay-friendly atmosphere in La Nogalera, Torremolinos, or the bars that have mushroomed in the historic districts of Ronda or Antequera, there are spaces for all and sundry. Clubs, pubs, tablaos flamencos, cafés-theatres and party halls open their doors and give a warm welcome to customers.

Music, fashion and art

Hotels are places that know how to give guests a good time in Málaga at night. Many hotels in town have carefully decorated outdoor lounges that afford amazing views. With fashion shows, live performances, fusion flamenco and jazz sessions going on, it is easy for visitors to have the greatest of times.

Málaga has also many public or private halls that run concerts by bands or individual singers from the national and the international scenes. Their shows complete the calendar of cultural events on the Costa del Sol, marked with red circles in all 12 months of the year. Marbella’s Starlite Festival is a must-attend, as it features concerts, newly-released film screenings, fashion shows, exhibitions and a star-studded charity gala.

You can have a quieter evening joining the astronomy enthusiasts to observe the night sky at the Principia Science Centre, go on a night tour of the Málaga City or attend multicultural festivals like those in Guaro and Carratraca. Gambling tourists can try their luck in the Marbella and Torrequebrada casinos, but the safest bet they have already made: choosing the Costal del Sol as their travel destination.

Charming dinner

The Málaga dining scene is perfectly defined by the diversity of bars, restaurants and chiringuitos where you can choose from a varied menu of traditional dishes, with pescaíto frito (fried fish) on top of the list. From tapas bars to gourmet restaurants serving signature cuisine, renowned chefs and high-profile Michelin-starred restaurants, the Costa del Sol has it all.